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Answered over 3 years ago

Tea Ceremony for two with English explanations in Tokyo?

Matt Watson Matt Watson, Living in Japan

You could email them and ask if only two people would be ok. They might be cool with it. Or just charge you for three people.You could also check out Reddit's Japan page and ask around to see if anyone else will be in Japan when you want to attend the tea ceremony.Other than the one on this page,...

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Answered over 3 years ago

Where should I go to see Noh theatre?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

The easiest place to see the Noh at the Nougakudo theater. If you are staying in Tokyo, then you can see at the National Noh Theatre. The National Noh Theatre is located at the center of Tokyo, so it is very convenient to get there. You can check the information here:


Answered over 3 years ago

Where do I buy chanoki in Tokyo?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Not sure about particular shops. If you visit any department stores, they should have chanoki. If you happen to be in Tokyo in April to June and you like Chanoki, there will be a Chanoyu exhibition in Ueno! I don't know if you can actually purchase but there will be lots of beautiful Chanoki for ...