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Answered about 9 hours ago

Will my JRpass work on any of the local Tokyo or Kyoto lines?

Evelyn San Evelyn San, Never been to Japan

Hello, I will visiting to tokyo on March 2018 and reach to Haneda Airport.What is the best and suit for budget traveller like us travel around tokyo since we're staying at Shin Okubo. Is there any pass that i can purchase for unlimited rides that covers up JR Yamanote Line & Tokyo Metro & Toei?

Answered 6 days ago

What are the best themed hotels in Tokyo?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Have you heard of "Henna Hotel" group?Henna Hotel group is a group of themed hotels and there is one in Ginza. The one in Ginza's theme is "robots", the unique thing is that all the staffs are robots, there are no humans!

Answered 14 days ago

Where would you go at night if you had 2 days in Tokyo (after going to 1 day in Tokyo Disneyland and the other in DisneySea)

Midori Midori, Living in Japan

You won't have much time and energy left after spending full day in DisneyLand or DisneySea. Normally people stay until night to see parades and shows. They close at 22:00. You can buy souvenirs in Disney shop in front of Maihama station, which is open until 23:00. Then take train back to Tokyo s...

Answered 14 days ago

Best way to go commute from Osaka to Tokyo?

Midori Midori, Living in Japan

If your budget allows, take Shinkansen (train) or flight. Shinkansen will take 3 hrs. Flight will take 30 min, but you need to consider traffic to airport (train or bus) and waiting time.Also, you can take highway bus, but it will take 10 hours.

Answered about 1 month ago

How to start a used car trading business from Japan?

Shohei Suzuki Shohei Suzuki, Lived in Japan

Hello. The following article is written by JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, about the procedure of exporting used cars from Japan. Unfortunately, it does not seem they do have English version. As you may already know, used cars are mu...

Answered about 1 month ago

How to start a used car trading business from Japan?

Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

I really have to ask how much research you have made into this. Sell Japanese market cars in America? How many people do you know are eager to drive a car with the driver's seat on the right hand side? Many smaller cars would never be allowed on US roads - they would easily fail the crash safety ...

Answered about 2 months ago

How to start a used car trading business from Japan?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Hello. I don’t know anything about an used/old timer veh. nor dealer ship in Japan and world. But as I quickly checked, some company is supporting for export Japanese veh. I inform here. I hope you can find the useful information. Good luck! http://www.ju...

Answered about 2 months ago

Some Quick Steps to Buy Japanese Used Cars

Elisa Marton Elisa Marton, Visited Japan Three times

Wondering how you can buy a used car directly from Japan? Don’t worry, we are providing you with some quick steps to easily buy one without any hassles: Choose a Suitable For YourselfFirst things first. It’s important to choose a vehicle which ideally fits all your needs and preferences....