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Answered 18 days ago

How easy is it for Westerners to travel around on their own

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Local restaurants and Izakayas are sometimes difficult because they do not have Japanese menus and staffs often don't speak English. You will be okay when you are seeing around major sightseeing areas, but knowing simple Japanese words always makes communicating easier :)

Answered 19 days ago

can you help me get reservations to membership restaurants

Ming He Ming He, Visited Japan Four times or more

Your absolute best source for this would actually be your hotel concierge. "Membership" restaurants in Japan usually have 'membership' because they are very small and want to make sure their regulars always have a spot; its actually rarely about being elite or status. Another person, even Japanes...

Answered 24 days ago

Fullfulling a family dream trip this June. 10 to 11 days tokyo + 4 -5 days Koyto. Where are the best locations in both cities to stay with two teenage boys?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

I'm not familiar with Kyoto so here is my opinion about Tokyo:Shinjuku:Shinjuku has everything. Shopping, dining and drinking options, cafes, bars, etc. Many places are open until late so even though you come back to hotel after busy day, there still be options to eat in this area. Shibuya:Shibuy...

Answered about 1 month ago

Best maid cafe in Akihabara?

leo leo, Living in Japan

Pinafoa( is also famous as it was appeared in the movie ”Densya Otoko” . It's also an old shop which is 10years old. The budget is 2000yen to stay 1 hour.

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