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Answered about 1 month ago

where i can get some miniature stuff

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Maybe Kappabashi? is the largest kitchenware shopping street, near Asakusa and Ueno. You can find lots of specialty stores selling kitchenwares you've never seen but one of the famous store there is the one selling plastic food samples. 4 shops i...

Published 2 months ago

6 Best Candy Shops in Tokyo to Get Your Sugar Rush

6 Best Candy Shops in Tokyo to Get Your Sugar Rush

Bursting with color and different flavors, kids and adults alike will enjoy a trip to Tokyo’s sweetest and most creative candy shops. The sugar rush is a given, but what makes things more exciting is the artful way these treats are presented. They can even be too beautiful to eat! Drop by these ...

Published 12 months ago

Best Souvenirs From Tokyo

Best Souvenirs From Tokyo

We all like to bring back a slice of holiday home and it is great to share our trip with our loved ones. Japan has a big gift-giving culture with for great souvenirs with big variety of styles and price ranges. The Japanese art of gifting is called omiyage, and it is an important tradition

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