Answered 6 months ago

Any Budget Ryokan or Onsen Hotel at Hakone?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Hi! As you know, there are so many kind of Ryokan and Onsen. So it is difficult to say a budget...  But I suggest to check with website. I know one good website in English to find all kind of Ryokan and hotel in Japan. Then of course you can check them at Hakone.  

Answered 7 months ago

Where should we stay East of Tokyo?

Kazuko Sanami Kazuko Sanami, Living in Japan

Hi, as Goro said, Narita-san could be a good option the rest would not be so interesting in my opinion. From Tokyo to Narita, there are many direct transportations whether bus or trains. Why don't you stay one of on those ways like Oshiage? It take just an hour so. This is just my idea and it mig...