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Answered 7 days ago

What is good to do on New Year day?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Many shops in Tokyo are open on New Years Day, like chain stores such as convenience store, big supermarket (such as AEON, Ito Yokado, etc). Some department stores and shopping malls are open from New Years Day but it is usually so crowded because it's the first day of winter sale and Fukubukuro ...

Answered 8 days ago

Where is the best arcade in Tokyo?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

There are so many arcades in Tokyo! Basically, they are similar and you can feel the 50's from the buildings and antique design. Asakusa Shin-Nakamise (浅草 新仲見世商店街)  could be fun to visit! In addition, it's not completely "arcade", but I would recommend visiting Ameya-Yokocho (アメ横). It's not like ...

Answered 9 days ago

best area for gamers in tokyo

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

Akihabara is the right place for you! Akihabara is the heart and center of the gamer in the world. There are so many cafes that are related to the anime and games, such as Gundam Cafe, Final Fantasy Cafe, Square Enix Cafe... If you are visiting Akihabara, these cafes are necessary to visit! Besid...

Answered 12 days ago

Best day trips from Tokyo

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

It depends on what you want to do and see. You can pick the bus or train for the transportation, then will be able to visit so many places on 1day! If you are in Japan now, then you can take a train to the north for skiing, or take a bus to Mt. Fuji & Shizuoka area for Sakura! Or to the Nikko and...

Answered 17 days ago

How do I find an English tour guide

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

There are so many agents and organizations that provides English guide in these days! You can find from the amateur guides till licensed professional guides. I just randomly found the site who provides you a free English speaking guide:

Answered 18 days ago

what to do in akihabara?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

If you like anime related stuffs, head to Animate. They have multiple floors filled with anime related products! Just looking at cute figures is a fun time for me :)I heard many people like to shop at DONKI store. There is also a famous maid cafe called "@home cafe" in the building of DONKI. 

Answered 19 days ago

what to do in akihabara?

Matt Watson Matt Watson, Living in Japan

Buy Electronic components. Buy computer parts. Buy LED lights. Buy a charger for a 30 year old laptop. Buy headphones. Geek out on Anime things. Buy anime related stuff. Buy used cameras. Go to a maid cafe.There is also a nice temple called Kanda Myojin. You can buy a protective sticker for your ...

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