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10 Shrines and Temples for Hatsumode in Tokyo To Start the New Year

10 Shrines and Temples for Hatsumode in Tokyo To Start the New Year

If you are in Tokyo during new year holidays, experience “Hatsumode”, the first visit to shrine or temple! Japanese have a tradition to visit shrines or temples during new year holidays to wish for luck, health, success, or peace in the new year. Find the most famous Hatsumode shrines and temples...


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Best day trips from Tokyo

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

It depends on what you want to do and see. You can pick the bus or train for the transportation, then will be able to visit so many places on 1day! If you are in Japan now, then you can take a train to the north for skiing, or take a bus to Mt. Fuji & Shizuoka area for Sakura! Or to the Nikko and...

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We are meeting our Tour Group in Tokyo for a 15 day town on Japan. Want to come a few days early and stay in a traditional housing outside of Tokyo? Suggestions of location acceessable by train

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Places accessible by train and have traditional buildings:- KamakuraKamakura is in Kanagawa Prefecture. There are lots of shrines and temples because Kamakura used to be the capital of Japan for a period of time. There are also traditional houses and accommodations or restaurants or cafes that us...