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Answered 18 days ago

Where is the best place to buy bargain priced pearls in tokyo?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Unfortunately I have never bought pearls by myself (bit expensive for me), but I know there are many good price pearl shops in Okachimachi (next to Ueno). I remember some of them and found their website *no English site... Please check them and compare the price.  As I am not a specialist, I can ...

Answered 18 days ago

Where can I buy cheap snack souvenirs (Tokyo Banana, Kitkat etc) or cosmetics (shishedo, kose, etc) in Tokyo and have lots stock of product? Thank you :)

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I suggest to go to Laox. As I know there are 3 big Laox in Tokyo. 1. Akihabara, 2. Ginza, 3. Shinjuku. Ohh also in Odaiba. You can find everything in this shop as you want to buy many kind of snacks, cosmetics and electro devices etc... This is also duty free shop. So please compare the price w.o...

Answered 3 months ago

where should i ho shopping?

Madoka Conee Madoka Conee, Living in Japan

there are many outlet mall in Japan.”Outlet mall” is huge shopping center they sell last year model clothes from various blands.You can enjoy not only shopping but also viewing scenery.For example, you can see Mt.Fuji(highest mountain in Japan) from Godenba premium outlets on a sunny day.