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Answered 3 months ago

My favorite food in Osaka Kansai

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

If you are looking for something typical, then you definitely need to try Okonomiyaki in Osaka! Okonomiyaki is like some kind of pizza that contains a variety of ingredients; cabbage(must), seafood or meat.  And don't forget to try Takoyaki as well! The Takoyaki is very similar to Okonomiyaki, bu...

Answered 4 months ago

Is it possible to buy train ticket from Osaka to Kanazawa early morning at 29-Dec-2016? I can't find any place that can reserve this from outside Japan. Is there any tips ?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

If you are going to get on a local train, you don't need a pre-purchased ticket to get on. If you wish to take the express train called "Thunderbird", there seems to be two options:- Reserved Seats (Shitei-Seki)You can purchase in advance or on the day if there are vacancy. You will get a ticket ...

Answered 6 months ago

does anyone have any ideas on great accommodation in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka for dad and 2 sons visiting Japan ?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

I would like to recommend to experience a stay in Ryokan at least a night. Ryokan is a type of accommodation, which is authentic in Japan. In Ryokan, you take off your shoes at the entrance, just like entering a Japanese home. You will get a room with tatami mat, a set of Yukata, which is a Kimon...

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