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Answered 9 months ago

flower garden in Tokyo

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

It depends on the month when you are visiting Japan, but if you are planning to visit in March, you can find Sakura everywhere. Fuji Shiba-sakura festival is very recommendable to visit from mid-April to late May. It is not locating in Tokyo, but near the Mt.Fuji, and it is only about 90minutes a...

Answered 10 months ago

Is it too early to visit Ashikaga Flower Park for Wisteria and Hitachi Seaside Park for Nemophilia on the 11th of April

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

I have been to Hitachi Seaside Park in early May (probably was somewhere between 3-10) and was just the right time. I guess April 11th is too early. You can probably enjoy tulip and canola flowers. I'm not sure about Ashikaga Flower Park. They say on their website that they have different kinds o...

Published 12 months ago

20 Awesome Things To Do In Ginza To Experience Style and Culture

20 Awesome Things To Do In Ginza To Experience Style and Culture

Ginza is not only the center of high-end shopping, but it is also where the latest trends from the world over converge with timeless traditions. To make sure that you arrive at this experience when traveling to Ginza, here’s a guide on what to do and what to check out in the area.