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Published 4 months ago

“Ieji”, the Sake Bar in Tokyo Monnaka to Try Truly Delicious Sake From Tohoku

“Ieji”, the Sake Bar in Tokyo Monnaka to Try Truly Delicious Sake From Tohoku

Ieji is the sake bar located in Monzennakacho (Monnaka), which is the east side of Tokyo. You can try various truly delicious sake from Tohoku Region, carefully picked by the manager. The manager takes great care of bottles to serve in fresh flavor and provides those sake at a reasonable price (o...

Answered 9 months ago

Where to eat cheap local food ?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

If you go to Tokyo Station, some restaurants are open from early in the morning. For example, Hatsufuji offers several types of breakfast sets such as Nikudofu Teishoku (beef and tofu stew flavored with soy sauce, etc) 550 yen.Or hit Tsukiji Market, they are open from early morning!

Answered about 1 year ago

What foods should I try in Tokyo?

Sati Sekar Sati Sekar, Visited Japan Four times or more

I would definitely recommend "Tendon" which is deep fried seafood/vegetable on a bowl of rice. If you're in Tokyo, I definitely reccomend "天すけ" (Tensuke) in Koenji where you get to see the Tempura fried and served right infront of you. Go for the Tamago Lunch, you won't regret it :). However be ...

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