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Answered 3 months ago

What foods should I try in Tokyo?

Sati Sekar Sati Sekar, Visited Japan Four times or more

I would definitely recommend "Tendon" which is deep fried seafood/vegetable on a bowl of rice. If you're in Tokyo, I definitely reccomend "天すけ" (Tensuke) in Koenji where you get to see the Tempura fried and served right infront of you. Go for the Tamago Lunch, you won't regret it :). However be ...

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Answered 4 months ago

What foods should I try in Tokyo?

Yuta Takahashi Yuta Takahashi, Living in Japan

I would like to recommend to eat Takenoko no sato.  It is one of famous snacks in Japan, it is made of chocolate and cookies. It cost about 200yen.  If you eat it, you will get sweet and lovely taste.  It is amazing.  There is also different version, it calls, Kinokonoyama. It's also great. 

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Answered 8 months ago

What foods should I try?

Moriko Moriko, Living in Japan

There are tremendous delicious things in Japan, and if you go to Tokyo, you can almost have any kinds of food. Of all of them, what I'd like to recommend is, go somewhere outside Tokyo, like Tohoku (northern east Honshu area), and experience eating local food there. Seafood and vegetables are so ...

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