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Published about 1 month ago

10 Best Shotengai in Tokyo to Shop and Dine Like a Local

10 Best Shotengai in Tokyo to Shop and Dine Like a Local

Shotengai is a Japanese neighborhood’s shopping street. Usually connected or located within the vicinity of a train station, it is a cluster of mom and pop shops, convenience stores, local businesses, cafés, and eateries that mostly cater to the residents of the surrounding locale. It is worlds ...

Answered 6 months ago

Minimalist Packing Recommendations on Shorts and Pants that will handle Tokyo Summer Heat and not look out of place?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Summer in Tokyo is extremely hot and we avoid going out for a long time during the day. If you are doing that, you should carry a bottle of water to avoid getting heatstroke. UNIQLO's product AIRISM is very comfortable wear. I am not sure if you can find in your country but you can find in any UN...