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Answered 6 days ago

How can I go about on making a reservation at a restaurant?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

It seems like the reservation page is provided only in Japanese. Did you try the Japanese form? Translate may be able to help you. Or t...

Answered about 2 months ago

Best sushi venue in Tokyo?

Teppei Toda Teppei Toda, Living in Japan

If you are looking for casual style I would recommend you Sushizanmai. They have many Sushi shop in Tokyo area. If you want to experience fancy style, In at Daikanyama is the best from my point of view.

Answered about 2 months ago

Hi I will be in Tokyo the last month of March, Is it still recommendable to eat Fugu is there a season for it? Also any recommendations on places to go?

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

I recommend Fugu restaurant. Tokyo Minato ku ,Azabu jyuban,restaurant name is Fugutake .there are two restaurant,expensive Fugu couse restaurants and casual prices restaurants,casual prices restaurant name is Izakaya Fugutake.both restaurants will provide fresh Fugu.