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Answered 4 months ago

What is a really amazing restaurant in Tokyo?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I picked up some amazing/special restaurants. Robot restaurant Famous Izakaya You should try Japanese buffet with beautiful view. (dinner is bit expensive so try lunch time)

Answered 4 months ago

Are there any cultural rules we should be aware of when dining with the baby? Are there types of restaurants where it's not suitable to bring a baby (i.e. Izakayas, fine dining, etc) or are most places family friendly?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Hi!! I agree with Sakamoto san. First of all, please check that the restaurant is non smoking or not. As I had an experience, the essayist way to find the family friendly restaurant is to go to department store or shopping mall. They clearly mention which restaurant is non-smoking or baby welc...