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Answered 4 months ago

best ramen in ebisu station?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

My favorites are;- AFURIIt's popular to tourists, too but I like their ramen. (Last month I went there and saw many tourist lining up!)I feel their ramen is healthier comparing to others but more tasty. Their tsukemen is very good, too.- ChororiChorori has a bit more local atmosphere. I have neve...

Published 5 months ago

Tokyo Downtown Attractions - A guide to Tokyo Districts

Tokyo Downtown Attractions - A guide to Tokyo Districts

Metropolis, Tokyo. The city with more than 15 million people has a variety of downtowns attracting people both day and night. Each downtown of Tokyo has its own characteristics. From my personal viewpoint, I will pick up major downtowns of Tokyo and explain its characteristics. Shibuya, the city...

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