Answered over 2 years ago

What's the best etiquette in Onsen and Sento?

leo leo, Living in Japan

You have to wash your body before getting into the bath. When you get out, you should wipe your body with towel to avoid getting the changing room wet. These two points are the etiquette you should keep in your mind.

Answered over 2 years ago

What are the Japanese cultures?

Point OfNoReturn Point OfNoReturn, Never been to Japan

Are you searching for something specific about Japanese culture? The following is a start, but I am sure the other community members may be able to better assist you with more direct or specific areas of interest.*The page doesn't...

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Is Akihabara worth visiting? *Looking for any and all answers/opinions from locals and pre-visitors. :)

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Akihabara is very fun area if you like anime or video games. There are hundreds of second hand video games and anime DVD stores, so local people mostly enjoy shopping for those stuffs. A friend of mine who came from Canada said she is going to look for specific video game software in Akihabara. T...

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What is the best place in Tokyo for japanese whiskey tasting?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

The number of Japanese whiskey bottles are getting less and less due to the popularity of whiskey in past few years, and it is becoming harder to encounter to Japanese whiskey with "aged" labels at bars nor stores. However, these bars might have such bottles:Brilliant in Keio Plaza Hotelhttp://ww...