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Answered about 3 hours ago

will be in Tokyo for 5 days in April 2018, and would like your recommendations to fill up our 5 days. We like cultural experiences, food, seeing cherry blossom.

Yoshie Yanagida Yoshie Yanagida, Living in Japan

I recommend to go to Asakusa.Since there is Sumida river near Asakusa, you can see cherry blossom blooming in riverside.And, Asakusa is very popular traditional place in Tokyo, you can experience wearing Kimono, getting on rickshaw or something like that.

Answered about 23 hours ago

How can I experience old japan? dress or meet gheisha's

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

That should be Kyoto, however, as you know that Kyoto is very, very popular place to visit from all over the world.Shirakawago is kind of farther, but there are less tourists compare with Kyoto and you can get the same satisfaction as Kyoto. There are beautiful old Japanese houses and untouched n...

Answered about 1 month ago

Staying in a ryokan in Nara Park

Ako Ako, Living in Japan

I could have a wonderful time at Edosan, so I would like to recommend this Ryokan. (  You can stay in a pleasant old building and eat great Japanese food there. You also can see deers when you open the window at room. 

Answered about 1 month ago

First time to Japan and I don't speak Japanese. Any advice?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Carry a notebook and a pen with you.Most Japanese have hard time understanding spoken English and express in English. However, we are a lot used to reading and writing English. By writing what you want to say, it will help people understand what you want to do. Use simple words and speak slowly!

Answered about 2 months ago

sake brewery and fruits picking farm to visit

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

There is a sake brewery in Tokyo as well. Koyama Shuzo in the north of Tokyo allows visitors: page is only in Japanese, use Google translate. ) They accept reservations via e-mail.There are many fruit picking farms in Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi is fa...

Answered about 2 months ago

where can I buy a good quality preloved/secondhand kimono?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

I would recommend 2 places:- Antique Mall Ginza ( is the shop, if you enter once, hard to leave the shop. They have the variety of Kimono and antiques as well. - 世田谷のボロ市(Boroichi Market in Setagaya) (

Answered 2 months ago

What is the best part of Tokyo to stay in?

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Shibuya and Shinjuku are easy to access anywhere and have lots of lots of restaurants for dining options. The train runs till late and you can reach to Mt. Fuji directly by bus from Shinjuku. This article also may help you:12 Best Area To Stay In Tokyo To Match Your Travel Needshttps://hubjapan.i...