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Answered 5 months ago

What are taboos in Japanese culture?

Jo Jo, Living in Japan

Five-Fav Japanese Cultural Norms ~ "When in Rome, Do Like the Romans!"1. Respect OPP~ Other People's Property that is... If it is not yours, leave it be.  If it looks lost, turn it in to the nearest Lost and Found or the Koban.  If you've lost something, there is a 98% chance that someone has tur...

Answered about 1 year ago

Which regions of Tokyo are most interesting?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I think Shibuya-ku, Mitato-ku and Chiyoda-ku (all stick each other) are most interesting.There are young-mature fashion in Shibuya, Hello Kitty-Gadget in Shibuya, Chiyoda (Akihabara) and modern-traditional building and museum in Mitato-ku. Why not visit there?   

Answered about 1 year ago

What is the famous culture in Tokyo

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I think the culture in Tokyo is Sumo Kabuki Ukiyoe   Sumo: Sumo tournament is also in Kansai area but currently there are about 50 sumo beya (stable) only around Tokyo. You can visit some of them to see their training and you can taste sumo cuisine. http://www.sumo.or.j...