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Answered about 14 hours ago

What food should I try in Tokyo?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

You should try some traditional Edo-style food. Edo is the old name of the city Tokyo. Traditional Edo-style food are for example: Dojo-nabe (loaches hotpot), monjayaki, Negima Nabe (fat tuna and green onion hotpot), Chanko-Nabe (sumo wrestler's food), Fukagawa Meshi (clam rice), sukiyaki, tendon...

Answered 4 days ago

What food should I try in Tokyo?

leo leo, Living in Japan

You should difinetely try Sushi. I guess you can taste not so bad sushi in any suhi restaurants in Tokyo. In case you don't prefer low fish, some sushi restrants rerve sushi with cooked food.

Answered 7 days ago

Where can I play video games?

leo leo, Living in Japan

If you'd like to play arcade game, there are many places so called ”Game Center” where they bring arcade game machines together. I guess there are many near Shinjuku and Shibuya stations.

Answered 10 days ago

Where should I go to see Noh theatre?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

The easiest place to see the Noh at the Nougakudo theater. If you are staying in Tokyo, then you can see at the National Noh Theatre. The National Noh Theatre is located at the center of Tokyo, so it is very convenient to get there. You can check the information here:

Answered 20 days ago

I'm half Japanese, what do I do?!

Matt Watson Matt Watson, Living in Japan

I am a foreigner here in Japan and it always causes more trouble that its worth. I feel like people blame me for so many things that aren't my fault, especially on public transportation. So, I can relate a little.I am sorry you are having a tough time. I don't know how old you are or what kind of...

Answered 22 days ago

I'm half Japanese, what do I do?!

Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Hi, it is a difficult question to answer.Hub Japan is mainly dedicated to travelers who come to Japan from overseas, so you may not be able to get many responses.Below is my personal opinion.# I could not quite get the nuance of "kid", so my comments are written on the assumption that you are a m...

Answered 29 days ago

We are meeting our Tour Group in Tokyo for a 15 day town on Japan. Want to come a few days early and stay in a traditional housing outside of Tokyo? Suggestions of location acceessable by train

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Places accessible by train and have traditional buildings:- KamakuraKamakura is in Kanagawa Prefecture. There are lots of shrines and temples because Kamakura used to be the capital of Japan for a period of time. There are also traditional houses and accommodations or restaurants or cafes that us...

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