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Answered about 1 year ago

where to visit a samurai castle?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

Inuyama Castle in Aichi is recommendable! Inuyama Castle is one of the castles that was built before the Edo period. The castle is a bit small but can feel the history and be able to image of the samurai from the everywhere! 

Published over 2 years ago

Beginner Sightseeing and Travelling Around Kanazawa

Beginner Sightseeing and Travelling Around Kanazawa

Kanazawa (金沢) in Ishikawa Prefecture is sometimes called “Little Kyoto” (小京都). And with good reason too: it’s an old city, rich in traditional crafts and culture, where the blooming cherry blossoms are stunning, where you can still see a geisha, and where the food is exquisite. In fact, the only...