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Questioned 12 days ago

Hi. I have a 15hr layover in Tokyo June 9, sunday. Im wondering if there’s anyone from the meet& eat I could meet for coffee/breakfast in Shibuya area ?

Hi. I have a 15hr layover in Tokyo June 9, sunday. Im wondering if there’s anyone from the meet& eat I could meet for  coffee/breakfast in Shibuya area ?


Questioned 14 days ago

What mall to visit in omatosando to shop local brands

Looking for high street Japanese brands like freak store beams Cecil mc bee, jeanasis , Gu etc


Questioned 23 days ago

BEST sushi omakase in Tohoku region?

Hello! We will be traveling around Tohoku for about 10 days this summer, and a night of exceptional sushi is very high on our list of to-do's.  While I'm sure we could hunt something trendy down in Tokyo on our way back home, I'd really love to have an experience closer to the source.  For co...


Questioned 25 days ago

Sightseeing, sake, food destination recommendations in eastern/central Tohoku?

Hi! My husband and I will be in Japan from July 22-31, and plan to spend the entirety of our trip (save for 1.5 days in Tokyo at the end) in Tohoku. We have a stay booked at Tsurunoyu Onsen from 23-25(!!) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to spend our time prior to arriving in Nyuto Onsen...


Questioned about 1 month ago

Is there a way to contact Yokohama's Cup Noodle Museum other than going in person or calling them by phone?

I will be getting married in Yokohama in May 2020; however, I am from Canada so I have to plan all aspects of the wedding from overseas. I would like to contact the Sales Team to see if there is a Group Buy opportunity for getting multiple entrance tickets as my wedding gift for my guests. My fia...


Questioned 2 months ago

Advice for buying rail passes (JR pass and resort shirakami)

We're going for a week-long trip thru Tohoku this summer and need to purchase rail passes. I've found the JR websites very confusing and need help!We haven't nailed down exactly where we'll go in Tohoku yet, but we're especially interested in taking the Resort Shirakami that runs Aomoiri to/from ...


Questioned 3 months ago

Is it compulsory to participate in a minimum of 2? I am a solo traveller and Monday 1st April would be my last day here, it would be lovely to spend with locals but I don’t know anyone else to take with me :) can you let me know please?


Questioned 3 months ago

Should I bring a leather jacket for the end of March / early April in Tokyo and Osaka / Kyoto or will some thin jumpers do? I'm not sure how cold evenings feel!

I'm from Scotland and it's pretty cold here so I can deal with cold nights wearing not much :P