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Questioned over 1 year ago

Town with Koi in Street canal

I will be in Sapporo and Tokyo in November. Please let me know any towns close that has Koi fishes in the canals that are in the street. 


Questioned over 2 years ago

How to start a used car trading business from Japan?

Hello Japan, I am a US-based graduate and have visited Japan 3 times, I am currently studying about the automotive dealership and interested in starting a business to export cars from Japan and sell them here in the US. I am not familiar with this business, but I hope that people here can help me...


Questioned 3 months ago

Hi all, please help us to enjoy the Oirase winter

Hi all,My team has a plan to go to AOMORI for 2-3days in this Feb. I truly fall in love with Oirase Gorge when I saw the first picture about it. So amazing with Shimeikei , Makadoiwa, Kumoi and Choisi Waterfall which are frozen in winter. Anyway, I have heard that it's difficult to find the way o...


Questioned over 3 years ago

What are the 10 best personalizable/ customizable souvenirs or gifts that I could get from Tokyo?

I am getting souvenirs or gifts for someone, very very important in Thailand and would really love to impress that person. Would there be any recommended souvenirs or gifts from Tokyo that can be personalized/ customized into her names/ pictures/ symbols on those souvenirs or gifts(Previously, I ...