Which Tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo is your favorite?

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 11 months ago

You should visit Marugo (丸五) in Akihabara! They had the thickest pork yet softest and juiciest ever. I always recommend Marugo to every one :)
However, you should expect to wait a while especially if it's weekend's busy hours. 
Ako Ako, Living in Japan

Answered 11 months ago

My favorite Tonkatsu restaurant is Maisen. (http://mai-sen.com/) This Tonkatsu is so soft that it can be cut with chopsticks. Sources for Tonkatsu are also delicious. You can choose the kinds of pork. Hope you will like it.
Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Answered 11 months ago

My favourite restaurant is Saboten. You can find about 70 restaurants in Japan. Nice meat and we can get rice and cabbage salad as much as we want!! Please see the restaurant details here!! (I can’t reach an English site... but there is.) Bonne appétit :)