Which shops in Akihabara should an anime otaku go?

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Satomi Ikoma Satomi Ikoma, Living in Japan

Answered almost 5 years ago

Cospatio Akihabara
you can find lot of cosplay costumes

lots of manga and anime goods! Note that there are 3 different buildings

Gachapon Kaikan
You will be able to find thousands of gachapon machines here!

Super Potato
You can find used and new retro games
Shin Kinoshita Shin Kinoshita, Living in Japan

Answered almost 5 years ago

1. Sofmap Amusement Museum
In this figure, DVD, or have such as used games are sold.

2. Akihabara UDX
When you go on weekends is so flea market has been held.
It seems Anime Otaku products are sold.
In the building seems to be an exhibition and shop of animation system.
It shop is Anime Center.

3. weapon shop
Imitation of the weapon has been display.

Ghibli, etc., anime and manga, has a variety of products are sold.

5. Game Center
The Akihabara There are a lot of games center.
Anime character of crane game are also.
To stay the game lovers of Japan, it might be interesting just see the play in the horizontal.
If you are lucky, such a person also. (Indeed people up here, but I think not stay too much)

6. Others
Here also in reference