which is the best pocket wifi for 2 weeks?

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Jess Gurrea Jess Gurrea, Visited Japan Once

Answered over 2 years ago

Thank you! I’ll check the link you provided ? 
We want good bandwidth for two phones, two weeks but not extremely expensive ?
Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

There really is no "best". You have to find which conditions, prices, and limitations suit you best. Starting with how much bandwidth you plan to use. Plus how many days you want to use it. Some places are more expensive for the first week but cheaper over the long term, others are not. Some charge you for delivery of the unit, others give you a free mail bag to return it to them...and so on.

Try looking at a list of providers at the bottom of:
and choose whichone suits you best.