Where should we stay East of Tokyo?

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We are looking to stay closer to Narita on the last night of our trip to Japan in April, and are looking in/around the Narita area. Any recommendations on the best area to stay nearby/things to see/do? (Yachiyo, Sakura, Narita)?
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Hi, as Goro said, Narita-san could be a good option the rest would not be so interesting in my opinion. From Tokyo to Narita, there are many direct transportations whether bus or trains. Why don't you stay one of on those ways like Oshiage? It take just an hour so. This is just my idea and it might be different what you wanted to know. But just in case!
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I think you should go Narita because there is an old town and a traditional shrine near the narita station.
You can see some  japanese traditions I think.
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Hello! I love to go to Naritasan (temple). 

There are annually events and nice to visit. 

From station to the temple, many shops and restaurants/cafes. Before leaving from Japan, you can enjoy last night!! 

Regarding a hotel, I can’t suggest as I’ve never stayed.. but i could see a lot of reasonable hotels around JR Narita or Keisei Narita station. 
Mercure narita hotel is one of nice hotel!! 
If you will check the other hotel, Please check that any free bus to the airport!! 

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Oh wonderful, this looks great! thank you.