Where is the big place for selling products for one piece ?

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Taillore Ginorio Taillore Ginorio, Never been to Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

Hi there. One Piece is incredibly popular so you will bump into Luffy in some unexpected places! If you are visiting Tokyo and are an anime/video game fan, you should check out Akihabara. There are shops sprinkled throughout the area that sell more statues and figures than you can dream of. I would also consider Nakano Broadway, which is on the opposite side of Tokyo. It's a bit more relaxed and you will find an array of statues and figures there as well. You can also visit the shopping center in the Tokyo Sky Tree; there is a Jump Shop inside as well as an anime/cartoon/movie shop (I cannot remember the name, I apologize). Also, inside Tokyo Tower you will find a One Piece cafe as well as a One Piece shop where you can purchase products such as manga, paper goods, cups etc. If you are looking for a fun experience, go to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. It has a big, awesome shopping mall! But inside you will also find J-World, an anime amusement center based on Shonen Jump shows (highly recommend).