Where is the best place to experience the Setsubun Mamemaki (bean throwing festival) on 3 February 2018?

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A lovely elderly local whom I have met last year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building while travelling solo, took time to introduce me to Setsubun Mamemaki and accompanied me all the way to Gokokuji Temple to witness the festival. I was very touched by the hospitality he has shown to a complete stranger and it is now a story that I have shared with my family and friends. Unfortunately I have lost contact with him and this year round I would like to share the experience of the festival with my other half. 

I am also sharing a picture of Kagaya-san (he should be 85 years old this year!), should anyone in this forum know of. Many thanks.

Takayuki  Masuda Takayuki Masuda, Living in Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

Hi, if you're coming from overseas and arrive at Narita Int'l Airport, the best place is " narita-san Shinsho-ji" temple. You can see Sumo wrestlers throwing soya beans to the visitors and can catch them. It is said that if you eat such beans you can spend a happy year!

If you'll be already in Tokyo on the day, you may visit ”Senso-ji" temple at Asakusa. Unfortunately I couldn't find an English site but there must be such sites for foreign visitors. Please try to find those for access etc.  
Re: Gokoku-ji unfortunately I can't specify the very temple that you visited as "Gokoku-ji" means "Gurdian temple of the counrty" and therefore, there are too many Gokoku-ji all around Japan. 

Please enjoy a trip in Japan!