Where ahould i go in osaka

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 12 months ago

Try eating Takoyaki and okonomiyaki! They are my favorite food from Osaka :)
I have never been but I heard that Osaka Kaiyukan Aquqrium is good, too. 
Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Answered 12 months ago

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Osaka Castle is on a sunny day, was very beautiful.
Kushikatsu can eat in the new world is a rarity. Sauce a ban candied 2 times, so careful.
hamad alfalasi

Commented 12 months ago

Thx for your answers im i have 4 days in osaka first day i will visit universal studio second day aquarium im not sure what to do on my last 2 days i might visit nara to see the deers if i didnt find more activities in osaka


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