What tonkatsu and Katsu Curry should i try?

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Dear caregiver,

i would be going to tokyo from 20-27th January 2017.
Was wondering if there are any recommendations for tonkatsu and Katsu curry!

Peter Khoo
Mariko Yoshi Mariko Yoshi, Living in Japan

Answered 10 months ago

Below are the places I have been and recommended for tonkatsu!

- Marugo (丸五) in Akihabara
Their tonkatsu is very thick and juicy! Could not believe it was fried because I did not feel heavy at all when I finished eating their tonkatsu. 

- Ponchiken (ポンチ軒) in Kanda
This long-established tonkatsu restaurants offers very soft tonkatsu. I loved eating their tonkatsu with just salt. It had slight natural sweetness of the pork and because it was so soft I did not have to chew over and over again.
They have katsu curry on the menu and a group of women sitting next to me was having katsu curry so it might be tasty as well, not sure, I have not tried by myself yet!