what to do in akihabara?

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Matt Watson Matt Watson, Living in Japan

Answered 12 months ago

Buy Electronic components. Buy computer parts. Buy LED lights. Buy a charger for a 30 year old laptop. Buy headphones. Geek out on Anime things. Buy anime related stuff. Buy used cameras. Go to a maid cafe.

There is also a nice temple called Kanda Myojin. You can buy a protective sticker for your computer there. It is also very pretty.

If you want to go to a maid cafe, but don't like maids, there is a fun Train Izakaya that you can go to. It was featured on Cool Japan.

Also, there are a few retro video game stores, like Super Potato, that are always a good time.

If you are looking for something more specific that is related to electronics, there will probably be a shop there, but there are too many to list here.

But, yeah, TL;DR, mostly shops with electronics.
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 12 months ago

If you like anime related stuffs, head to Animate. They have multiple floors filled with anime related products! Just looking at cute figures is a fun time for me :)
I heard many people like to shop at DONKI store. There is also a famous maid cafe called "@home cafe" in the building of DONKI.