What to do in Akiba?

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So our family will be going to Tokyo in August and I want to visit Akihabara for anime and video game stuff. The family insists on tagging along to Akiba and I'll probably take a while doing my shopping. Since they're not interested in the same stuff I'm wondering if there's anywhere for them to spend their time and not get bored. Thank you in advance :3
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

Akihabara is heaven for anime and game otaku but not so much to do for other people :(
How about maid cafe or cat cafe? Maid cafe is a unique experience you can have in Akihabara that all people enjoy. There is also a cat cafe in Akihabara so if they are not allergic to cats, it would be a great place to spend few hours, too.

Something might be unique in Japan and you can find in Akihabara is One-Kara, Karaoke for single person. The room is separated for one person and you can try "Hitori-Karaoke", Karaoke alone. 

There are also darts/pool bars and table tennis so you can kill few hours at that bar, too. The bar is called Bagus.