What should I visit in 1 full week, starting and ending in Tokyo and ready to travel a lot? Should rather stay in Tokyo and maybe visit Kyoto? It will be in December.

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered about 3 years ago

It depends on what you want to see in Japan.
There are many attractions just in Tokyo and around Tokyo. If you are willing to take a day trip from Tokyo, there are attractions such as Kamakura, Nikko, Kawagoe, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, etc. 
In Tokyo, there are lots of museums, shopping malls, bars, Izakayas. Great food gather in Tokyo but there are many local cuisines you can enjoy in different parts of Japan.
If you have just a week, I'd say stay around Tokyo and maybe take one or two day trips. There are so many attractions in Tokyo and it won't be enough if you just have two or three days there. (Although most tourist stay only for 2-3 days in Tokyo and Kyoto)
Pamela Lavra

Commented about 3 years ago

Thanks for your answer. I would not go to museums or for shopping for this short time, but I would want to visit as much as I can. And seeing different things would be the best experience for me. I discovered I should buy a all-Japan Train Pass for one week and was thinking to use it and see shortly different parts of Japan, but I am also interested in a day trip to Mt. Fuji.

Mari Takahashi

Commented about 3 years ago

That sounds great :) If you have Japan Rail Pass, you can take Shinkansen without additional fee so it makes easy to travel around. If you go to north, you may be able to see snow. I guess the easiest way to go to Mt. Fuji is highway bus from Shinjuku.