What should I do the night in Kobe ?

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I have to spent one night in Kobe (because my hostel is in Tokyo and I think I won't be able to take the last JR train to Tokyo). So, is Kobe safe the night ? And what should I do ? 有難うございます。どぞよろしく
kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered 4 months ago

If it were Japanese in such situation, we would stay at a cheap "business hotels" such as Toyoko inn, Apa Hotel, etc. Or to go more low price, maybe a guesthouse or hostel? I am not sure about guesthouse or hostels in Kobe.
Other options may be staying in Karaoke or Manga Cafe (Internet Cafe) operating 24 hours. 
Gatz Espinosa

Commented 4 months ago

Manga café seems to be a good idea ! Thanks for your answer !


Commented 4 months ago

Hope you enjoy your time in Japan!


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