What is the avarage rent for department outside and inside city center in Tokyo ?

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 6 months ago

The rent really depends on areas and apartments' establishments. 
For example, the average rent of typical 1room+kitchen apartment in Chiyoda-ku is 122,000 yen/month. Chiyoda-ku is where Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo Station, Akihabara, etc., is located. On the other hand, the same establishment would cost 62,000 yen/month in Edogawa-Ku. Edogawa-Ku is the easternmost ward of Tokyo. Further cities such as Hachiouji-City, which is on the west side of Tokyo, approximately an hour train ride from Shinjuku, the average rent is around 50,000 yen. 

You can find cheaper apartments if you don't care oldness of building or facilities inside the apartment; such as no kitchen or shared bathroom/toilet. 

Also, shared residences are quite popular in Tokyo which is cheaper compared to regular apartments. 
Nishiki Nishiki , Living in Japan

Answered 6 months ago

For 1 person in the center is about 80,000¥~12,0000¥. In Tokyo but not at the center will take at least 50,000¥.

Or you can find apartments around Chiba or Saitama, it’s not only close to Tokyo but also  from 50,000¥ you could find a better room than in Tokyo.