What foods should I try?

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Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Answered over 4 years ago

Do you like Japanese buckwheat noodle?
Please try the real buckwheat noodle if you like.
The real ones have completely different taste and scent.
"Juuwari Soba" is the name for 100% pure buckwheat noodle. It is delicious.
Tohoku area is particularly famous for buckwheat noodles.

Moriko Moriko, Living in Japan

Answered over 4 years ago

There are tremendous delicious things in Japan, and if you go to Tokyo, you can almost have any kinds of food. Of all of them, what I'd like to recommend is, go somewhere outside Tokyo, like Tohoku (northern east Honshu area), and experience eating local food there. Seafood and vegetables are so fresh, water is delicious, which makes everything taste so good.