What food to try first in Tokyo

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 10 months ago

You can encounter almost everything in Tokyo. All the great food gather in Tokyo, but there are some local food of Tokyo:
1. Monjayaki
Monjayaki is the most famous local food of Tokyo. It's known as a different version of Okonomiyaki, but has different ingredients. It looks kind of disgusting to some, but tastes really good! 

2. Fukagawa-Meshi
Fukagawa-Meshi is a type of rice. Rice is cooked with clams, which means the soup of clam soaks into rice, making a great taste.

3. Dojo-nabe
Dojo, is loach. Loach hot pot, can you believe? It's cooked with a broth mainly consists of soy sauce. I have been to Komagata Dozeu, a long established restaurant serving Dojo-nabe. The place had a great atmosphere!

You can find more local food of Tokyo from here: https://hubjapan.io/articles/top-10-tokyo-local-food-you-must-try

There are also hundreds of great ramen shops and Izakayas. You should definitely try one of them. Spending some time in authentic Izakaya must be a memorable experience!