What are taboos in Japanese culture?

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Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Answered over 4 years ago

Respect the atmosphere and watch carefully what they are doing in that particular situation. 
There is a term in Japanese "read the air" and if you cannot do that, it is considered to be very rude. So, copy what people are doing, and how people are acting.
Mari Takahashi

Commented over 4 years ago

yea, "read the air" is very important in Japanese culture


Commented almost 4 years ago

Could you please describe a typical situation as an example to better understand "reading the air". Thank you in advance!

Sosuke Kimura

Commented almost 4 years ago

For example, in quiet surroundings and quiet public places (trains, shrines, fine restaurants, etc.), you should be also quiet like them. "Read The Air" is to recognize surroundings and the attitude that are asked for and take appropriate attitudes.

いお いお, Living in Japan

Answered about 1 year ago

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--- " There are more people who resist tattooing than in other countries.
This is because there is a culture in Japan where yakuza used to be tattooed. "