What are taboos in Japanese culture?

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Jo Jo, Living in Japan

Answered over 1 year ago

Five-Fav Japanese Cultural Norms ~ "When in Rome, Do Like the Romans!"
1. Respect OPP~ Other People's Property that is... If it is not yours, leave it be.  If it looks lost, turn it in to the nearest Lost and Found or the Koban.  If you've lost something, there is a 98% chance that someone has turned it (cell phone, wallet, train pass, book, coffee mug, key chain, to groceries) in, all intact, for you to claim.

2. Discard Your Trash Appropriately ~ Don't leave an ounce of trash behind. Observe the Recycling expectations, Put trash in the proper disposal bins.

3. Be Patient ~ Cross carefully at the cross-walk, be patient wait (in-line), take turns, do not honk your car horn, exit the bus at the rear only, Stand left/Walk Right on escalator. In restaurants, Ring Table-Bell when ready to place a food/drink order. BE ON TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

4. Keep It Clean ~ Keep your Yen paper-bills crinkle free. Be neat, wash-away your dogs urine immediately with a water bottle, scoop your dog's poop, tame your dog, train your dog to be obedient (everybody's dog IS), No tattoos in Onsen, No exposed cleavage, no-smoking on train platform (find designated area)

5. Quiet & Quaint ~ No loud music, no loud talking, cell on silent, silence or quiet talking on the train only,  No disobedient children in public, practice non-violence, be peaceful, be courteous, No photos or video allowed during performances & concerts....just shhhhh, shhhh, shhhhh.

Folami Small Folami Small, Visited Japan Twice

Answered almost 4 years ago

Please take care not to push past ANYONE in a public area (this comes especially handy if you, as a visitor, are in a shopping situation in a space with narrow aisles). 

The polite thing to do, in such an instance, is to politely wait, or to gently say 'Watakushi wo yurushi te kudasai.' meaning 'Excuse Me Please'.

Being aware of everyone's personal space, I've personally found, goes a long way.
Takaaki Mori Takaaki Mori, Living in Japan

Answered almost 5 years ago

What I see pretty often and making people around uncomfortable is talking loudly on the train. Especially if it is rush hours, Japanese locals are on the way to their work and often they are not in very good mood... by the crowded train, it's morning... etc. So be extra careful to keep your voice down. 
Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Answered almost 5 years ago

Here are some of my advice,
1. Take off your shoes shere needed, including fitting rooma.
2. Don't speaki loud in the public.
3. Don't use your phone in the train to speak with someone.
4. Don't eat & drink something you brought at any restaurants including fast foods.
5. Don't give tips
6. Don't stab your chopsticks to food.
7. Don't pass the food from chopsticks to chopsticks
Moi Moi, Lived in Japan

Answered almost 5 years ago

You need to keep your garbage until you see the garbage bin.
It's by the vending machine, convenience store, at train station, etc.
It's everywhere in Japan and you can't miss it.