We will have 21 days in Japan come October,6days in Tokyo and the rest travelling.We plan to get JR rail pass for 14 days and were wondering what pass would be best for our stay in Tokyo.We plan to visit Kamakura,Nikko and maybe Hakone.Any suggestions?

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kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered almost 4 years ago

All the places you've listed: Kamakura, Nikko, Hakone, are great and recommended to visit from Tokyo :)
Especially in Hakone or Nikko (or Kinugawa, it's about 10 minutes drive from Nikko), I would like to recommend to stay in an Onsen Ryokan at least a night. Experiencing a stay in Onsen Ryokan would be memorable with beautiful Japanese style room, futon, yukata as pajamas. Order dinner and breakfast of the ryokan. The dishes are amazing, created with local ingredients, and so many plates to make your stomach satisfied. A soak in onsen need no words. Experience both inner and outer bath. 
When you go to Hakone, drop off at Odawara and visit Odawara castle. Seeing a Japanese castle would be a nice experience. 
If you would like to visit more cities, add Kawagoe. It's a small city in Saitama Prefecture with historical buildings. 
Joseph Patrick Daly

Commented almost 4 years ago

Thank you for suggestions.Do you know what is the best transport pass for bus and train when we are visiting the places outside Tokyo


Commented almost 4 years ago

Hi Joseph, I'm not sure about the particular pass to travel outside of Tokyo. There are many seasonal passes issued depending on the seasons, and those may differ by each train company and also, there may be different offers for foreign tourists. The best way to find out is tourist information.

Joseph Patrick Daly

Commented almost 4 years ago

Thank you Kunoichi for your answer.I will do more research through Tourist Information on best transit pass for Tokyo