We are staying in Shinjuku for our 5 day trip in Tokyo, any suggestions what to do first?

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Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

Hello,Shinjuku is never sleeping city and big city .nght time is a lot of choosing what you want to do,day time ,you can go to see Japanese beautiful park it is called Shinjuku Gyoen,also there are a lot of shopping places ,night time you should go to small old classic bar area,It is called Golden Gai,or Omoide Yokocho,drinking and eating there ,and Hanazono shrine is beautiful,also shinjuku is big gay town ,you can drink and enjoy there safety night time,you will love that area.
Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

It would certainly help if you gave more info on your INTERESTS. Not to mention when you are planning to travel.

Tokyo has something for nearly everyone. Honestly though I hope you don't spend all your time in Tokyo. There are many good day trips you can take, and they are very worthwhile. Japan is not all Tokyo anyways. I would say 3-4 days in Tokyo are enough, unless you have a special reason to stay there. Some great places include Nikko, Kamakura/Enoshima, Izu, Kusatsu, Karuizawa, Kawagoe, Nokogiriyama, the Hitachi Seaside Park, Takao, the Ushiku Great Buddha, Hakone, the Fuji 5 Lakes area, and many more. A Tokyo Wide Pass is a great way to get around and save money.

Within Tokyo, there are too many places to mention. But going to Sensoji is almost carved in stone for most tourists, as well as seeing the Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Shibuya crossing and Harajuku. Try browsing some comprehensive guides like from the JNTO, Japan Guide, and the official city tourism page.

If you have some preconceptions and misconceptions about Japan, please put them aside. One big one is that Tokyo is all one concrete jungle. Not so. There are many nice parks and historical traditional gardens.

Another is that everything is wildly expensive. The truth is that for every crazy price someone quotes, in many cases there is also a cheaper alternative. The Sky Tree has a killer city view - and a killer price. In Tokyo there are many others that are free.
You can also get a 2-3 day subway pass to save money, and if flying through Narita, there is the ¥1000 bus.

Lastly sorry about all the underlining, but this form is acting very bizarre.

Akinori Koyama Akinori Koyama, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

I wrote down my experience for our passengers.

Tokyo Metropolitan Gov. Build. ( There are observatory. ) Shinjuku Gyoen Meiji Shrine Harajuku/ Shibuya
Tsukiji Tokyo Skytree Sensouji / Nakamise

Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Odaiba OhEdo Onsen ( hotspring site )
Hokusai art museum Sumo museum Ameyoko ( Street where has 500 shops and people goes to buy the new-year-goods.) Akihabara ( Electrical shop and media culture )
Depending on the budget, I took MT.Fuji, Bosono mura( Edo village), Sawada ( Near Narita airport )

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

Hi,Shinjuku is huge town in Tokoy.if you want to shopping there ,it will be nice,and if you want to enjoy night time ,go out,drinking,dance club,you will enjoy there,in my opinion,please have to make plans what do you want to do that  because Tokyo is each  citys bid