traveling on budget means food's on budget too does that really shrink a lot of food options?

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Donald Smith Donald Smith, Visited Japan Once

Answered over 3 years ago

I found that there were plenty of affordable options in Japan, much more so than in US cities. Mari-san did an excellent job of describing the various restaurant options, but even grabbing some onigiri or yakisoba-pan from a konbini while on the go was quite satisfying for me. 
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

Not necessarily. There are various fast food restaurants offering different kinds of Japanese food. Such as sushi, tempura, udon, soba, gyu-don, tonkatsu, ramen, Japanese curry rice, etc.

- Sushi:
Go for conveyor belt sushi or standing sushi restaurant. Such as Kappa Sushi, Kura Sushi, Hama Sushi, Uogashi Nihonichi, etc.

- Tempura
Look for "Tenya". They offer Tempura rice bowl from around 500 yen~.

- udon
"Hanamaru Udon" and "Marugame Seimen" are the two biggest udon fast food chains. You can find pretty easily in Tokyo and other cities, too. 

- soba
There are standing soba restaurants in station platforms sometimes. Apparently it is popular to busy Japanese business men. 
Also there is a soba chain called "Yudetaro". You can find it easily everywhere. 

- gyu-don
Gyu-don is beef rice bowl. "Yoshinoya", "Matsuya", "Sukiya" are the three biggest gyu-don chain. You can have gyu-don from around 400 yen~.

- tonkatsu
Look for "Katsuya"

- ramen
Ramen is usually under ¥1,000 everywhere. 

- Japanese curry rice
"Cocoichi" curry house offers delicious Japanese curry on a budget. My Indian friend said he like Japanese curry from here, too!