Shinjuku Station area shopping and photograph related advice needed.

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Traveling with a tour group and with only 1/2 day free on my own at the Shinjuku Station area.
1. Where can I find Pokemon collectibles (store  that has large selection ) ? Is Animate my best choice ? 
2. I really would like to get TOKYOTAMAGO GOMATAMAGO  in Shinjuku area is that possible? Or,  I must go to my last resort which is the international airport which I will be leaving Japan from ?
3.  Thinking of visiting the Village Vanguard at the Lumine EST, what type of merchandise they usually carry? Pokemon items ,too ?
4. Is there stores where they have the booth that still takes photograph and put on those super cute stickers?
Wondering if is possible to squeeze all those shopping in one afternoon into the night. Thank you so much for help me.

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

1. Pokemon collectibles:
Not sure, but hitting Yodobashi Camera in the west exit of Shinjuku Station might be better than Animate. I have never seen plenty of Pokemon goods at Animate, in my impression, they are more focused on maniac animations. 
Yodobashi Camera: (There are several buildings, but go to "Multimedia Pavillion"
Why don't you go to Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro? Pokemon Center has the largest selections of Pokemon collectibles. It's about 30 or 40 minutes from Shinjuku, so if you have a 1/2 day free, you would have plenty of time to visit Ikebukuro and come back to Shinjuku.

I don't think there is a shop selling GOMATAMAGO in Shinjuku area. I checked the official website and they had no stores in Shinjuku area. You can buy those in both Narita and Haneda Airport, though.

3. Village Vanguard
Village Vanguard has various merchandise so it is hard to say they sell particular products. They sell books, dishes, soft toys, general toys, stationaries, clothes, etc, etc. They may have Pokemon goods, too but their selection varies time to time so it is hard to say they always have particular products. It is better to ask the specific store you are going to. (There are many branches of Village Vanguard throughout Japan and I think each store has slightly different selections) 

4. Photo booth
Yes, there are. If you hit in any arcades, you will sure find the machines. There are few in Shinjuku area, too. The one closest to the station is TAITO STATION near South-east exit.

My advice for your afternoon is:
1. Take Yamanote Line or Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and move to Ikebukuro
2. Head to "Sunshine City" shopping mall. This is where Pokemon Center is. 
3. Enjoy shopping at the Pokemon Center.
4. There is also Village Vanguard store in "Sunshine City", so visit the branch in Sunshine City.
5. Take few sticker photo on the way from Sunshine City to JR Ikebukuro Station. (You'll find SEGA arcades on the way, it's pretty big)
6. Go back to Shinjuku Station

Enjoy the day! :)
Chia Pe

Commented over 3 years ago

Thank you for your reply. I will take those answer to heart and follow suggestion

Mari Takahashi

Commented over 3 years ago

Hope you can find great Pokemon collectives! :)