Questioned 9 months ago

How can I get Shinkasen tickets online ahead of time?

I will be traveling to Japan in March and will be using an all Japan Rail pass for the extensive use of trains while we are there. Almost 30% of this travel will be using Shinkasen for long-haul trips between distant cities. I am very concerned about having to acquire a Shinkasen ticket at the st...


Questioned 10 months ago

Me and my family are planning to go to Japan in mid January. Mostly we'll be staying at Tokyo, other than Tokyo are there any side trips near Tokyo that you suggest ? (maybe smwhere that has ryokans/onsen)


Questioned 11 months ago

What brands matcha powders are the best to buy in Tokyo?

Hi. This is my first question here. I would like to know what brands are the best matcha, and where can I find and buy them in Tokyo? I will be visiting Japan in December. Thank you~