Questioned 11 months ago

How to get from place to place in Japan / Tokyo

Hi. I am traveling to Japan/Tokyo with my daughter in April for the first ever time. We have ideas to visit as much as we can in 7 days. Does anyone have any tips for airport to hotel transfer and best train travel tickets to purchase for the duration of our stay and any handy tips for getting ab...


Questioned 12 months ago

How can I find a specific book in a Japanese bookshop? How are the books arranged? By author, company, publisher, other?

I'm particularly interested in rummaging through some second hand bookshops during my visit, like BOOKOFF for example. I want to buy books written in Japanese, not in English. I know hiragana, katakana and around 700 kanji, but I'm not sure how to find books about certain topics or authors even i...