Questioned 10 months ago

BEST sushi omakase in Tohoku region?

Hello! We will be traveling around Tohoku for about 10 days this summer, and a night of exceptional sushi is very high on our list of to-do's.  While I'm sure we could hunt something trendy down in Tokyo on our way back home, I'd really love to have an experience closer to the source.  For co...


Questioned 12 months ago

Advice for buying rail passes (JR pass and resort shirakami)

We're going for a week-long trip thru Tohoku this summer and need to purchase rail passes. I've found the JR websites very confusing and need help!We haven't nailed down exactly where we'll go in Tohoku yet, but we're especially interested in taking the Resort Shirakami that runs Aomoiri to/from ...