Looking for reasonable priced hotels that have disabled access bathrooms in the Tokyo and Osaka area.

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Im looking to visit in the last 2 weeks of September 2018. We are flying into Tokyo and spending 3 days there, then travelling to Osaka for 6 days then back to Tokyo for the fly out. Im a full time wheelchair user and needs an adapted bathroom. Just looking for some reasonable accommodation in a good location to use as a base in these cities. 
If it helps, theres a few places in Osaka we would like to visit, The Castle, Aquarium, Museums and like to travel to kyoto and visit the castle and bamboo grove, visit the Shimano HQ, some Kierin Racing...open to other places!
In Tokyo one of the main places id like to go is the Sengaku-ji temple, panasonic centre, Nissian HQ, Imperial Palace, gardens etc
Any advice and help would be much appreciated.
Chika Shomura Chika Shomura, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

There are a lot of hotels in Tokyo for you . But you are looking for reasonable accommodation ,right? I found one kinds of the hotels. They have universal rooms.

hotel  sunroute asakusa 

hotel sunroute shinjyuku 

Both of them are close to the station. Asakusa hotel is close to famous sightseeing spot, Shinjyuku is central of Tokyo, so it is convenient to go anywhere.   
There are Sunroute affiliated hotels in Osaka. Why don’t you checking the hotel, if you are interested in ?