Looking for Izakayas for a small project

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I am visiting Japan to learn about izakaya restaurants. I work as a sake (日本酒) sommelier for a Japanese themed resort in Sweden and part of my role is to promote and educate people about 日本酒. I would like to visit some izakayas to learn about food preparation and service. I would also like to take a few pictures and make short videos so I can present to our guests and recommend the places to them. The visit should not take more than 1 hour and I will be very careful not to disturb the service. If you know of any Izakayas in Tokyo and surrounding areas that could possibly be interested in helping me with my project, please let me know! Any recommendation and suggestion will be appreciated.
Best, Marcelo
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered about 3 years ago

I don't really know particular Izakayas may be able to help you, but I guess the staffs need to be able to speak English at least to communicate with you.
GURUNAVI lets you search Izakayas with English speaking staffs using search filter.
Maybe find suitable Izakayas from here and contact them directly via e-mail. 

Marcelo Rizzo Prux

Commented about 3 years ago

Thanks, this is brilliant! I will do some research via this website. Thanks for your help!

Mari Takahashi

Commented about 3 years ago

You are welcome :) I hope you will find a nice Izakaya for your project!