List of Kissaten in Tokyo

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I found an article about this somewhere, but it was an old one (around 2015 IIRC) and the list didn't even mention the address nor nearest station/bus stop, so would love to know several updated news about this lovely traditional Japanese cafe..

Oh and also, a friend of mine in Asakusa said that visiting kissaten allows me to have a chance of meeting up with Ariyoshi, haha, is that true..?
Susumu Matt Matsumoto Susumu Matt Matsumoto, Living in Japan

Answered about 2 years ago

Could you show the list you mention?  Who is Ariyoshi?
Gilar Jodi

Commented about 2 years ago

Actually, it was in 2016, haha.. Oh and Ariyoshi is the dude in the show called, Hangin' Around with No Plan from FujiTV, he's there with Shono Yoko.. I love that show, as much as Before After, Tsukai TV Sukatto, and Sore Dame..