List of Kissaten in Tokyo

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I found an article about this somewhere, but it was an old one (around 2015 IIRC) and the list didn't even mention the address nor nearest station/bus stop, so would love to know several updated news about this lovely traditional Japanese cafe..

Oh and also, a friend of mine in Asakusa said that visiting kissaten allows me to have a chance of meeting up with Ariyoshi, haha, is that true..?
Susumu Matt Matsumoto Susumu Matt Matsumoto, Living in Japan

Answered 23 days ago

Could you show the list you mention?  Who is Ariyoshi?
Gilar Jodi

Commented 22 days ago

Actually, it was in 2016, haha.. Oh and Ariyoshi is the dude in the show called, Hangin' Around with No Plan from FujiTV, he's there with Shono Yoko.. I love that show, as much as Before After, Tsukai TV Sukatto, and Sore Dame..