Jogasaki coast or Cape Irozaki?

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I'm planning to go on a day trip to Izu Peninsula from Shinjuku. Points of interest I would like to see/do in Izu are: Jogasaki coast, Cape Irozaki and Shimoda ropeway. As I am just going for a day, would it be feasible to see all 3 in a day? Given that travelling time from Shinjuku should be about 2-3 hours based on my research. If not, would people recommend Cape Irozaki or Jogasaki coast? Thanks!
kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered 10 months ago

Going to Jogasaki coast and Cape Irozaki both on a day seems pretty busy schedule. It becomes more realistic if you can drive. If you need to use public transportations, necessary time doubles. It seems like you need approximately 2 hours from Jogasaki coast to Cape Irozaki by public transportation. 
I have never been to Cape Irozaki but Jogasaki coast was very beautiful. I spent few hours walking the coast and taking pictures. ;)
Jamie Goh

Commented 10 months ago

Thanks for your advice! I guess I will have to choose one out of the two then :)

Mari Takahashi

Commented 10 months ago

Hope your travel to Izu will be an awesome one! If you have a time, stay a night in a Onsen Ryokan. Izu has many nice onsen facilities!