Japanese futon (including a shikibuton) recommendations in Japan or other?

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I am exploring the idea of getting a Japanese futon (including a shikibuton) as I have had numerous back aches using western mattresses for years, so I was wondering if someone could share with me your experiences and which one you are currently using and from what store? When I was in Japan a few months ago I did sleep on a Nitori futon in Kyoto at the Mosaic Hostel as well as fairly uncomfortable one in Tokyo at the First Cabin Nihonbashiyokoyamacho that was just miserable. So figured it would wise to seek advice beforehand.

Thank you for your time!

Ps. Here is the link to the one at the Mosaic Hostel or at least the closest I could find with their assistance.
Chika Shomura Chika Shomura, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

I don’t know whether japanese futon is good or not as you already experienced before. 
Back aches is your problem, right?
Then, how about focusing the hardness and fabric of mattress?
Too soft or too hard mattress affects back pain. I heard high-resistance mattress is good for back pain.

If you do want to choose Japanese brand, check these website.(but only available  in Japanese )



Raul Corona

Commented almost 3 years ago

Thank you, Chika, for your response! I would agree with you as I am unsure if a Japanese futon would be suitable option in my case, in this instance it is more of an affordable option to attempt before investing a larger sum in another mattress. Though, as you mentioned that next step would be to explore a firmer mattress. As my previous Tempur-Pedic and Leesa mattress conformed too much or sagged. I appreciate you for sharing brands below, since this is an area I lack expertise and would trust people’s advice based on their personal experiences vs advertisement or paid reviews.