It's our first time and we want to eat the best sushi and drink great sake. Where do we find this? We also want experience your traditional culture.

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Ming He Ming He, Visited Japan Four times or more

Answered almost 4 years ago

How much is your budget for "best"? If you have $300-$500 per person budget then I would recommend using a concierge reservation service to help you with reservations. Or if you are staying at a nice hotel (such as Park Hyatt or Grand Hyatt) you can email your hotel to help you make reservation 1-3 months prior to your arrival (depending on when restaurant will start to accept reservation)
They will also give you 3-4 options and get which ever restaurant is available on your specified date. If you plan to visit Jiro or Matsuda or Kyubey etc etc, and you do not speak Japanese, then this would be the way to do so.
If you budget is more the "normal" type, then there are many sushi lists that are helpful on this website.
Sosuke Kimura Sosuke Kimura, Living in Japan

Answered almost 4 years ago

There are many delicious sushi restaurants in Ginza. 
I think that sake is also good there.
I have never been there because the price is expensive...