Is there a sento/onsen for students?

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kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

I have never heard of onsen or sento particularly for students. However, I guess there are some ryokans accept huge students group for school trips.
harley chang

Commented over 3 years ago

no, i meant sento/onsen with alot of younger people, because when I went to Tokyo last year, my friend and I tried different sentos from oedo to the hidden ones. Most of the people we're with are on the older generation. I'll be bringing my younger brother this time around, mid 20's. thanks


Commented over 3 years ago

I guess there tend to be elder people especially for traditional Sento. If you visit so what called "onsen resort" such as Hakone, Kusatsu, Kinugawa, etc, there will be more younger generations, too. Also the time of the year may matter. There are more younger generations during summer, winter, and spring break which means July, August, December, and March.