Is Osaka Kaiyukan aquarium better than Shinagawa aquarium?

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered about 4 years ago

It's difficult to say what to compare!

- Size of the aquarium
Osaka Kaiyukan:
Eight stories high building. As It says on the web page, it's one of the largest aquaria in Japan and possibly in the world. 
Shinagawa Aquarium:
One story and two underground floors. Easy to access from central Tokyo but smaller regarding size comparing to Kaiyukan.

- Fish tanks
Osaka Kaiyukan:
Has many larger fish tanks comparing to Shinagawa Aquarium. In fact, they have very small number of small fish tanks and limits to display large tanks.
Shinagawa Aquarium:
Normal size, normal fish. They have standard aquarium exhibition that most people imagine.

- Performance
Osaka Kaiyukan:
They focus on fish tanks and do not have performance stages such as dolphin performance. But they do have feeding performance in fish tanks.
Shinagawa Aquarium:
They have a compact performance stage which feels very close to dolphins. The show is quite nice.

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